Zambia is an extraordinarily beautiful country that, until recently, has remained off the well-trodden tourist track. With the growth of tourism, National Parks are becoming more easily accessible, and several luxury lodges and bush camps are popping up in some of the country’s most exquisite and diverse parks and reserves.

Zambia is home to the Zambezi, Kafue and Luangwa rivers making it a vibrant and fertile country, bursting with lush floodplains, towering tropical forests, and an array of phenomenal animal and birdlife. The Zambian people are some of the friendliest in Africa, and our clients always leave feeling energized and positive after their safaris here. Zambia also shares a border with Zimbabwe at Livingstone/Victoria Falls, giving you a unique and alternative experience of the famous Falls.

Although only a couple Zambia itineraries are displayed on our site, this country is jam-packed with diverse safari experiences. The lesser known, but just as phenomenal Liuwa Plains National Park and the Bengweulu swamps are highly recommended, and everything from pioneering walking safaris, excellent fishing, and canoe safaris that are off-the-beaten-track are on offer in this remarkable wilderness.

This country is the ultimate destination for real nature-loving adventurers, and we cannot recommend it highly enough.


Travelers wanting to visit both Zambia and Zimbabwe can do so very easily with a KAZA visa (note: not all passport holders qualify), which allows you to travel between Zimbabwe and Zambia as many times as you’d like during a 30-day period. Please visit Kazavisa for more information.


This is Zambia’s biggest and oldest National Park, but despite its size and prominent location only two hours’ drive from Livingstone town, it remains little-known and largely unexplored. Thanks to its size and variety of habitats the Kafue holds a fantastic diversity of wildlife. Its flood plains, rivers, and woodlands are home to more species of ungulate (hoofed animal) than any National Park south of the Congo Basin! Huge herds of lechwe and puku are common, and the park is regarded as one of the best places in Africa to see leopard.

The Kafue River and the delta it creates are home to pods of hippo and some of the largest crocodiles in southern Africa. As the bush dries out towards August and September you can watch elephant frolicking in the river and swimming from bank to bank. The park is also home to an exceptionally high density of lions.

A number of private lodges now make this remarkable and remote park accessible to any wildlife-loving traveler!


South Luangwa National Park has to be one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world – the concentration of animals around the Luangwa River, and its oxbow lagoons, is among the most impressive in Africa.

Towering trees and flowing rivers create an abundant habitat for animals and birdlife to thrive in. The Luangwa River is famous for its huge hippo and crocodile populations, but herds of zebra, and a variety of antelope like sable, roan, puku and reedbuck also call South Luangwa home.

South Luangwa is well-known for being one of the first parks to operate “conservation” tourism and was a pioneer of “walking safaris” – allowing people to get closer to nature and to appreciate it through a more holistic experience. Some of the continent’s most spectacular walking safaris are on offer in the South Luangwa, and guests can walk between different, strategically-located bush camps with highly experienced guides as they learn more about this phenomenal ecosystem.




Lower Zambezi National Park

This is one of Zambia’s best-kept secrets. While Victoria Falls (on the “upper” Zambezi River) gets plenty of attention, the Lower Zambezi is a beautiful, wild jewel that enjoys a lower profile, plenty of river action and low visitor numbers – our ideal destination! Sunset boat cruises, kayak adventures, game drives and fishing excursions mean that an exciting all-round safari experience can be enjoyed by the whole family – with the bonus of incredible sightings of elephants, hippos and bird life.

Liuwa Plains National Park

This is truly one of Africa’s last untouched wilderness areas. Situated on the far-flung upper Zambezi floodplains of western Zambia, it is bounded by the Luambimba and Luanginga Rivers and is an authentic, remote wilderness with few tourists. The park is home to a growing cheetah population, hyena clans of 50 or more, zebra, red lechwe, eland, buffalo, tsessebe. Every year, tens of thousands of blue wildebeest migrate north (starting in early July), and return southwards in October. Liuwa Plains is a true gem for those looking for an off-the-beaten-track and untouched wilderness experience.



Africa’s safaris offer some of the best wildlife experiences on the planet!

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