This lush and vibrant little country is a diverse destination that’s fast becoming a must on the East Africa safari circuit. Uganda’s beauty is in its relative simplicity and rawness. The country is unspoilt by mass tourism and one still feels a sense of the “real Africa” when visiting even its busiest parks and reserves. Uganda is not only a mecca for gorilla trekking, it offers fantastic Big 5 safaris and some of the world’s best birdwatching – an ideal destination for well-travelled safari-goers and adventure enthusiasts!


A visit to one (or several) of Uganda’s beautiful parks can easily be tagged onto a Tanzania or Kenya itinerary and will add a unique and exciting element to your safari. Kampala (Uganda’s capital) is a quick and easy flight away from most tourist hubs in East Africa.

Bwindi National Park

The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a breath-taking rainforest habitat accessible only by foot. This is also the hub of mountain gorilla conservation and home to 400 gorillas – half of the planet’s population! Go on a wet, muddy, uphill trek to find the gorillas with your expert guide and spend an hour with a habituated family if you’re lucky! It’s an experience of a lifetime. The forest is also home to colobus monkeys, chimpanzees and fantastic plant and birdlife.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda’s most popular park is easily accessible and offers a fantastic all-round safari experience. From a magnificent landscape of woodland, savannah, swamps and volcanic features, to abundant populations of hippos, elephants, leopards and the famous tree-climbing lions, Queen Elizabeth Park is as diverse as it is beautiful! Game drives and nature walks are popular here, while boat cruises on Lake Edward bring you face-to-face with the park’s thirsty wildlife!

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s largest wildlife reserve, teeming with unique scenery and safari experiences. It’s where you’ll see iconic animals like elephant, buffalo, lion and hippo, and nearly 500 bird species. The Victoria Nile, whose waters are the lifeline of the park, bursts through a narrow rock crevice and drops down a steep cliff to form the famous Murchison Falls. Boat cruises along beautiful papyrus-lined waterways are a highlight here.

Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale is a unique ecosystem of tropical rainforest, swamp and grasslands, that supports Africa’s biggest population of chimpanzees. It is also home to the highest diversity and concentration of primates found on the entire continent, which includes gorillas! Venture into the forest, go chimpanzee tracking, hiking, birding, or explore the scenic cultural trails.


Africa’s safaris offer some of the best wildlife experiences on the planet!

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