Savuti, this predator-paradise lies within the Chobe National Park and is home to most of the Chobe species, aside from the water-loving antelope. It is best known for its high concentrations of lion, cheetah and hyena, of which there are large resident clans.

The area is also home to waterholes that attract huge herds of elephants and buffalo during the dry season, and incredible sightings can be enjoyed from the private porches of several strategically-located luxurious bush camps and lodges. A Savuti highlight is evenings spent around the camp fire, under bright starry skies, or bush dinners around a massive baobab tree, in the middle of the African bush.


The Savuti channel flows from the Linyanti River for about 60 miles, carrying water away from the river and releasing it into a vast swampland called the Savuti Marsh. Geographically speaking, Savuti is a fascinating place – the Channel goes through decade-long cycles where it dries up completely and then floods again, creating a dramatic landscape of dead trees that drown during flood times, and wide-open savannahs, which make excellent hunting grounds for Savuti’s many predators! This is an incredible place to see big game, far away from the crowds at the Chobe riverfront.


Africa’s safaris offer some of the best wildlife experiences on the planet!

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